Pudgylicious “Stay Pudgy” Blend


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Flavor Notes: Red Currant • Molasses • Cola

Components: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Costa Rica

Recommended Brew Method: Auto-Drip, Hand Brewed Pour Over, Espresso


A huddle of fat flightless birds waddle into a coffee shop, in search of the perfect GM fuel. Unimpressed by the options, they begin to take matters into their own hands, blending delicious direct trade offerings from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Rwanda, until the recipe is perfectly pudgy.  

“Stay Pudgy” blend is more than just coffee; it’s an uplifting homage to the moments that bring us together as a huddle, all wrapped in the cozy embrace of your favorite mug. So, raise a cup (and a rog) to staying pudgy, staying connected, and savoring the magic of every sip.


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