The Official Coffee of Web3

0xCoffee is a Web3 Coffee Project with a Dual Mission:

  • 1. Connect people all over the world in deep and meaningful ways through incredible coffee
  • 2. Utilize blockchain protocols to disrupt and reinvent a 700-year-old global coffee supply chain that has been built on exploitation and deceptive trade practices

Just the Drip NFT Project:

Each 0xCoffee Just the Drip NFT represents twelve retail bags of direct-trade, specialty grade coffee, roasted on-demand for the holder. You can redeem your claims at anytime, in any increment you choose (1 bag at a time, all 12 at once or anything in between). Each claim is a gasless transaction. Once all 12 bags of coffee have been claimed the NFT will give the holder 20% off all coffee on the 0xCoffee website, for life.

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