The Official Coffee of Web3

1 jpeg = 12 Bags of Coffee

“Just the Drip” NFT

1 NFT = 12 Bags
Fresh Roasted Craft Coffee

“Just the Drip” Collection F.A.Q.

5000 Total NFTs divided into different “Crops” of 500 NFTs Each, each with their own mint date.

The collection will be released for mint in 4 different “Crops”. Each crop will be released only after the previous crop has minted out.

1st Crop (500): Late August. Each subsequent crop of 500 will be released after the one before it mints out. 0xCoffee utilizes this batched (crop) mint so that we can offer some different features each mint and adjust pricing with each crop so that you never pay too much relative to USD.
Each crop of 500 is locked in at a maximum mint price. If the price of ETH goes down, we will honor the established mint price. We may lower the mint price at different times throughout a mint (to offer a “sale” or if the ETH/USD price rises too sharply), but we will never raise the mint price until the crop is minted out. 1st Crop: 0.075ETH
2nd Crop: TBD
3rd Crop: TBD
4th Crop: TBD
Once minted, your NFT will will be in its “unroasted” state, showing the uniform “Just the Drip” artwork placed on a burlap coffee sack. To claim your coffee, connect your wallet to the website and use the “roast” feature. Once completed, your NFT will show its unique generative artwork and you will be able to claim the first of your 12 bags of fresh roasted coffee.
Free shipping in the US when requesting 6 bags or more in a shipment, $5 Flat rate for all others. International shipping is available but subject to carrier rates.
You can spend your credits anytime, ordering as much or as little coffee as you’d like (in 1 bag increments) and we’ll roast and ship on demand. Want to claim 1 bag/month for the next year, sure! Want all 12 bags in your first order… bold move, but we got you!
Nope! Variety is the spice of life, right? You can spend your coffee credits on any offerings in the 0xCoffee line up; blends, single origins, even decaf… if you’re into that sort of thing.
Of course. Your NFT belongs to you, so do what you want with it. If you claim 5 bags of coffee and decide you’ve had enough delicious, ethically sourced, sustainably grown, craft-roasted coffee, you can sell you NFT to some other lucky coffee drinker and it will still have the remaining claims left for them to enjoy.
Yes! All “Just the Drip” holders will receive 20% off all coffee purchases at and 10% off all merchandise and brew gear, FOR LIFE! So even after you have claimed all 12 bags of your coffee, you can continue enjoying great deals on incredible coffee all while supporting our mission of building transparent, web3 based, coffee supply chains.
Holders also have access to the 0xCoffee community discord, where seasoned coffee pros are standing by to give brewing tips and answer your wildest coffee questions.

The 0xCoffee Team

Wade Preston

Founder/Director of 0xCoffee

Wade has been in the specialty coffee industry for over a decade, developing longstanding relationships with coffee growers around the world. He is a champion barista and co-founder of Prevail Coffee, a nationally recognized craft coffee roastery with multiple retail cafes.

Josh Lafayette


Josh is a multi-displinary artist, working with an array of mediums from graphic design to large scale mural. He has done work for Nike, vitaminwater, Atlantic Records, and MailChimp, among others. He is also the writer/illustrator behind “Food Fortunes” Tarot Card Deck.


Digital Media/Community Manager

ppmcghee is an active voice in the web3 space, he has been co-founder and advisor to many projects. He currently holds the title of “Chief Meme Officer” for the Pudgy Penguins NFT Community.

codecraft (@realcodecraft)

Solidity Dev

codecraft is a highly skilled and creative web3 dev, who has built and deployed contracts for several projects, including Mecha Penguins, Vinylverse, and the upcoming MetaBio.