Finca Sircof


Pomegranate • Blackberry • Red Wine

Farm: Finca Sircof

Producer: Marcos & Maricella Oviedo

Altitude: 1400m

Variety: San Roque

Process: Honey

Quick Notes:

QUALITY: Finca Sircof is one of a very small number of farms in the world to grow the San Roque variety, know for it’s balance and complexity with lush red fruit tones throughout. Expect sweetness to intensify as the cup cools.

PEOPLE: Marcos and Maricella Oviedo have managed this 20 hectare farm for almost 20 years, with a small staff of mostly family members. At harvest season, additional workers are brought in to assist with picking. Unlike many larger commercial coffee producers, all seasonally employed workers at Finca Sircof, are managed directly by farm staff, offered on-property housing, and paid at a rate that is, minimum, 50% above the government established picking wage.

ENVIRONMENT: This high-altitude coffee is graced by the gentle weather of the Central Valley coffee zone. Local farmers care for their land and a diversity of crops surrounding Sircof. Many of these farms border protected forest areas, providing a positive co-existence between sustainable farming and a prospering environment. Once exported, transport carbon emissions are offset establishing Finca Sircof San Roque as a certified Carbon Footprint Friendly Coffee.

Meet the Oviedos

Almost a decade ago, Marcos and Maricela Oviedo of Finca Sircof faced a terrifying truth. Their family coffee farm could not survive if they continued to operate as they had for the prior two generations. Risking all of their savings, the Oviedos decided to build a micro mill. With more control of the processing and production chain, they are now able to yield the best possible quality coffee. The Oviedos continue to find ways to improve their production and cupping scores and now produce some of the best lots the area region has to offer. Most notably, this San Roque offering is one of the most newly recognized botanical varieties of coffee in the world. Acquiring their original seedlings from the neighboring World Coffee Research Farm, Finca Sircof is one of the only farms on earth to grow this incredible new coffee variety.

Marcos and Maricela have partnered with other producers in the area through the Farmers Project Costa Rica cooperative to build sustainable direct trade relationships with roasters all over the world. 0xCoffee is working with the Oviedos and Farmers Project Costa Rica to bring full blockchain transparency to their supply chains.